Eighteen years have passed since the outboard engines in bright yellow boats conked out in the Pacific ocean. This was during the last Camel Trophy Tonga-Samoa 2000. And it has been 28 years since the day when the yellow Land Rover Discovery's started from Red Square to pass along the Baikal route. It just so happened in my life that after going through the competition to participate in this famous adventure in Bittsevsky Park in the winter of 1991, I headed the National Organising Committee of Camel Trophy for eight years, and together with the selected sportsmen, I organised national and regional selections and promoted the event. Without wanting to brag, I can say that over the past 18 years we have managed to make the word "trophy" a household name, and it has routed itself in the Russian language. Hundreds of young people have been "baptised by fire": romantics, athletes and lovers of adventures, camp fires and the sun. Of these hundreds, and at the end of the 90's, thousands of young guys and girls, only 18 were chosen to be in our team and directly represented the USSR, then the CIS, and since 1993 they have represented Russia in these prestigious competitions. I'm happy that fate brought us all together. Some of them became my business partners, some friends on hunting and fishing expeditions, and practically all of us maintain friendly relations.

I would especially like to mention the people who, without being direct participants in the Camel Trophy, led me to the idea of opening this site. This is Stas Zaretsky from Moscow, Timofey Cherkasov from St. Petersburg, and Anatoly Pantsevich and Alexander Masasin from Irkutsk. These are the friends who revived the idea of repeating the route 20 years ago on Lake Baikal. I want to talk specifically about Anatoly Pantsevich, with whom fate brought me to the steppes of Mongolia during the Camel Trophy 97. He and his friends were among the first who carried out the preliminary laying of the route of the 1990 expedition on Lake Baikal.

Camel Trophy has somehow influenced all of us. Some changed their jobs, some started new businesses, many made new friends all over the world and all of us, of course, still have a lot of memories. For me and my companions this adventure helped to create new businesses: "Land Rover Experience", which deals with improving driving skills, the team-building company "Our team" and the travel and expedition agency "Aspera". All of them are to some extent children of the Camel Trophy.

And I am absolutely convinced that those who were involved in this project will forever cherish the taste for distant wanderings, the feeling of brotherhood, love of adventure and healthy adventurism.

«One life - live it!» - we will always follow this motto, without regard for age, position or anything else that's insignificant.

Yours, Sergey Trofimenko, Chairman of the Russian Organising Committee of the Camel Trophy 1992-2000.


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