The crew from Russia riding in the legendary first generation Land Rover Discovery took part in the event dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Camel Trophy. The event was held from 11th-13th September 2015 in Yarvell (England). Former race participants and fans of Land Rover cars gathered from around the world. Russia was represented by the Camel Trophy participants from different years: Pavel Bogomolov and Igor Baronas, as well as long-term coordinator of the Russian team, Sergey Trofimenko. Two great guys, Anton Eidman and Nikolai Vinogradov, both dedicated fans of the brand, drove to the event in the legendary Camel Trophy Land Rover Discovery. There were those who did not participate in the adventure, but remained faithful to the brand, for example, the executive director of the company "Academy of driving skills" Maxim Vostrikov. The car from Russia was in the spotlight, as it had travelled more than 3,000 kilometres in two days with a canoe on the roof and all the rest of the property from the Camel Trophy Mongolia'97 expedition.

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